Students at Papillion–La Vista South have the opportunity to gain a jump start on college by enrolling in courses offered for both high school and college credit.  We are pleased to have partnerships with the University of Nebraska at Omaha to offer our students dual enrollment opportunities.

If students and parents choose this option, credit will be earned towards high school AND college as long as the student meets the college dual enrollment requirements and are willing to pay the cost of tuition (offered to our students at a discounted rate).  These credits will be on the college/university transcript which, transfers fairly easily to most other colleges and universities.  It is up to the student to verify with the post secondary school they will be attending if that institution will accept these credits.  It is strongly recommended that this is verified BEFORE paying the tuition!

While there is an immediate cost, the students pay much less than the regular cost of tuition.  As long as students meet the academic requirement for the university, college credit is earned. 
Students view their senior year not as an end but as a transition by realizing the expectations of college level work and altering their academic practices.  Those who do not intend to pursue degrees in a given area may fulfill a general education requirement or elective credit.  Parents save money and time and enable their student to avoid heavy load semesters, additional summer school, and additional semesters in college.  Early data indicates that dual credit students do better in college, drop out at a lower rate, earn higher GPAs and more often graduate on the expected timeline.


AP Calculus AB:   MATH 1950/Calculus I (5 Credits) 

AP Calculus BC:   MATH 1960/Calculus II (5 Credits) 

For more information, contact:
Post-Secondary Counselor Renee Mead   (402)829-4611
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Office of General Education and Dual Enrollment   (402)554-3810

AP Calculus AB

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Dual Enrollment


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Advanced placement courses are college level courses available to high school students which are affiliated with the College Board.  Thirty-four AP exams are a part of the program, 17 of which are offered at Papillion-La Vista South High School.

Students have the challenge of taking a college level class, high school teachers find that AP courses enhance student confidence and academic interest, and college faculty report that AP students are better prepared for serious academic work.  Students will:  gain the edge in college preparation, stand out in the college admissions process, and broaden their intellectual horizons.

Colleges and universities formulate an AP policy appropriate to their institution.  Some award “credit”, meaning students actually earn points toward their college degree.  Others award “advanced placement”, meaning students can skip intro courses, enter higher level classes, and/or fulfill general education requirements.
It is up to the student to verify with the college/university they will be attending on how much placement or credit they will receive for a particular score.                                            

Exams are scored from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest).  Students must receive a minimum score of a “3” on exams to be awarded credit or placement by most colleges/universities.  Again, it is up to the student to verify with the post secondary school the scores which will be awarded credit/placement.
    5 – Extremely Well Qualified (college equivalent to a high A)
    4 – Well Qualified (college equivalent to a low A, high B)
    3 – Qualified (college equivalent to a low B, high C)
    2 – Possibly Qualified (college equivalent to a low C, high D)
    1 – No Recommendation


Fee reductions may be available to students with economic need.  The exam is administered in May at an off-campus location.

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